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Babybel is a brand of small snack cheese products that are individually packaged and available in various flavors. It is a product of Le Groupe Bel (The Bel Group), a company with roots in the Jura region of France, and started by Jules Bel in 1865. Half of the global production of Mini Babybel is made in Évron, a commune in the north west of France. Le Groupe Bel has produced Babybel cheeses in t


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Promoter (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the laughing cow cheese brand in Bangalore Not even deserve to take one star also WORST and waste company I never saw and in future I will not do this big mistake of wasting time with this kind of worst management, they will hire the people but they will not provide proper work because of company default and approval issue but end of the month they will pay according to sales and because of their issue after hiring also employees has to sit and wait for management further instructions but management people with out any further information they will cut salary and employees has to suffer. One week they will give proper work later became of stock and Sampling issue they Will inform employees to stay in home finally they will pay only for attendance present days. No company I saw like this when ever they want they will ask employees to go otherwise employees has to wait for further instructions and that Will not going pay because of company default worst management. Monthly one week work and need to wait later after one week they will take approval for other store and again employees has to transfer that kit by their own expenses and finally that is loss for employees. Instead of hiring candidates better need to keep temporary man who will work only when they will call for work and paid for it."

Production Lead (Current Employee) says

"The management team at the Brookings plant doesn't care about the production staff, particularly the night shift. The management team is unwilling to compromise on even the smallest things. They have also lied repeatedly to the staff promising an expansion that was supposed to happen this year, higher wages that aren't materializing, and have been taking away benefits. Events and changes are seldom communicated. They lowered the expected pay rate for salaried employees after one of their most successful years. If they are willing to lower pay on a good year, imagine what a bad year is like.They don't listen or care"

Volma specialist/grandi operator (Current Employee) says

"I get up at 2 am cst. I clock in at 320 am put my uniform on and sanitize. We start producing cheese at around 330. Everyday something breaks we need mechanics. Our production is fallen so we have to make up the loss however we can. Hardest part of the job is getting up in the middle of the night. Our management is has changed over the years from new plant manager to new human resourses everything has changed in the last 3 years. I haven't enjoyed working there since the downsize, and I lost my job and was moved to the other side where I work now.good payhealth care has diminished, and to strict on vacation time"

Responsable d'équipe de production (Former Employee) says

"Cette société prône trop de bienveillance envers ses salariés à outrance. Si vous êtes dynamique et l'envie de faire bouger les choses vous ne rentrerez pas dans le moule. Les personnes positionnées dans le management ne sont pas suffisamment formées et n ont pas de caractère"

Managet (Former Employee) says

"Lots going on....but poor management and limited direction Don't believe best place to work in Chicago nonsense Hiring a lot of people but growth isn't thereCompensationSenior Management, limited direction"

Associate Director, Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Watch your back. No support from upper management or corporate team. Everything that was needed at an older plant was challenged by corporate that hasn’t been living the day to day struggles hands on."

Engineering Intern (Former Employee) says

"people and workers are very nice but there is a big issue with management. They need people that just obey their commands and unlike their goals and principles they don't allow you to dare and express your opinion based on your experience freely. If you also need to have balance between work and life and if you are not local, forget there for working.wage is more than local averageNo balance between work and life"

Sr. Project Manager, Industrial Strategy (Former Employee) says

"Good Company to work for, have a good work life balance, need to have a good management, very french and need to diverse more. solid in process, good culture and fun people"

Senior Accountant Supervior (Former Employee) says

"never ever let me to show my self in new position and demotivated me it is very famous company and i have very kind colleagues but unfortunately my manager never ever pay attention to my developing and it bothered me"

Packer/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Bel Brands was amazing and fun but the coworkers are a giant gossip pool which made the work environment not safe to be there. Management was no help."

Temp (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 2 months and had a finger tip smashed off in one of their unsafe machines, they kept me on for another 6 months and the first opportunity they got they suspended me without pay so I couldn't draw unemployment. They treat temps like trash while full time employees are allowed to stand around talking. I didn't miss a single day until my injury, and I was out for 2 days and came back. I was supposed to be on light duty and was put back to my regular duties before my time because they couldn't keep employees because they treat them like they aren't people. I loved my job until they destroyed my life. I was suspended on hearsay until I proved it wasn't true. Great company if you keep off the radar.Great benefits, Great payGetting injured is worse than ruining a full batch of cheese."

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not ideal when considering the other options out there especially for finance/ accounting. Steady manual work during the close, constant requests from plants.compensation, benefitsculture, work/life balance, slow and outdated systems"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Good job with good pay and benefits. Leadership is questionable with not many chances for advancement. Think there is too much of a buddy system to get opportunities."

Maintenance/Sanitation (Former Employee) says

"Really good paying job but poorly staffed. Terrible management and upkeep program. Got as many hours as we wanted to work which was a plus. No structure in any department of Bel."

employee (Current Employee) says

"Use to be a good place to work. Good pay but very unstable. I wonder if I got a job everyday I go in. Work with a good bunch of co-workers"

Grinder (Current Employee) says

"the job is the best you work with same people all time so you become family,the down side there is no communication from management on whats going on from min. to min. no direct response on most questions and you never know which room/department you will be working until you arrive ready for work. Other than that be quick thinker learn your job and you wont have questions about task."

Skilled operator (Former Employee) says

"It took them over a year to order my complete uniform. I had one ordered 3 times. It seemed as if rules were arbitrarily enforced. At a shift meeting with management, it was stated that the rules would depend upon position and who you are. The same went for job advancement. The least able were promoted the quickest. Very high turn over. I wonder why."

RESPONSABLE D'EQUIPE (Current Employee) says

"Grande stabilité pour une entreprise Pérènne, Bel est une entreprise intéressante pour une carrière stableStabilitePeu de postes disponibles sur les sites industriels"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Average compensation and work/life balance, good benefits."

Logistics Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company desired to employ change agents, but after needs were defined the exec's went into the "ostrich mode" of managementCompensationZero executive management willingness to accept changes"